Tie-Breaking Guidelines

These are to be used for all ties involving 2 or more teams
(Written April 2015)


-The tie-breaking procedures are to be followed in order until the tie is broken, even if the number of games played among the teams is unequal.

-Team(s) with the highest win percentage will advance. Run differential, runs scored, runs given up, or similar statistic-based methods are not to be considered during tie-breaking procedure.

-The tied teams will form a mini-conference for tie-breaking purposes.

-If one team gains an advantage over other teams in the mini-conference then that team advances. If any teams remain tied, the team that advanced is excluded and the remaining teams start the process over from the beginning.

-If multiple teams gain an advantage over the other team(s) in the mini-conference and are still tied, then those teams form their own, new mini-conference and the process starts over from the beginning. If any teams in the original mini-conference remain tied, the teams that advanced are excluded and the remaining teams start the process over from the beginning.


1. Highest Win Percentage during regular season games among tied teams in the mini-conference

2. Highest Win Percentage versus all teams in the playoffs collectively, including ties for the final position

3. Highest Win Percentage versus the team or group of teams occupying the highest position in the final regular season standings. If teams are still tied, continue down the standings until one team gains an advantage. When arriving at another group of tied teams or mini-conference, use each team’s record against the collective mini-conference. Do not consider any tie-breaking procedures already used to sort those teams.

4. Coin Flip. This will be done by a League Commissioner and each team involved must have a representative attend in-person.